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aquatic animal personality test

I have extensively studied the behavour of various animals during my time in the oceans of the world. From this I have determined that humans can be categorized into 8 different aquatic animal personality types. Answer these 8 simple questions to find out which personality type you have.

1. When you go to a party, do you:

Tend to avoid talking to people
Find that people shun your presence
Love making small talk and meeting new people
Effortlessly make friends due to your magnetic and charming personality
Often have trouble finding the right house and routinely forget people's names

2. What best describes your attitude to work?

I would do anything to get ahead, even at the expense of co-workers
I am hard working and am career-oriented
I like a repetitive job that requires a minimum of thought
I like to stay in the same job for a long time
I like a job that doesn't involve working with other people

3. What environment are you most comfortable in?

I like to lie in the sun
I prefer to confine myself to a small known area
Anywhere, as long as I don't have to move around too much
Somewhere I can do something interesting with my friends
My home, which I like to work on

4. What is your favorite pastime?

Killing babies
Playing chess
DIY on my house
Creating websites
Balancing balls on my nose and making arf arf noises

5. Which of the following looks the most delicious?

giant squid      logs      penguin
fishfood      panda

6. What would you do if you saw someone drop $20 on the street?

Pick it and give it back
Take it home to use as insulation in your house
Try to eat it
Stay where you are and do nothing
Surreptitiously pick it up

7. How would you describe your attitude to other people?

I love to meet and impress people
I enjoy meaningful interaction with others
I despise them
I prefer to be left alone
I like to help others

8. What is your single most defining characteristic?

Overall superiority
This question confuses me