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3rd July 07 - New stuff

There have been two exciting new additions to the site - the speed squid game, in which you can test your finger speed and dexterity, and the first squidsquid screensaver. Enjoy.

22nd February 07 - Week of the squid?

Squidsquid got a lot of exposure yesterday, thanks to a link on pharyngula. And then low and behold, one of today's top news stories floating around the web was the capture of a colossal squid. Coincidence? I think not. You will be pleased to know that it was not me (and of course I am of a different species), and that I was not acquainted with this unfortunate fellow.

15th February 07

Hot off the press - the squid evader flash game is available. You are a baby squid lost in a sea of hostile predators. How long can you avoid the evil sperm whale, crab and jittery hamster?

2nd February 07

Long time no news you might proclaim. And you would be right. But rest assured I have not been idle, as evidenced by the sweet new squid swimmer flash game! My finest creation to date, if I do say so myself.

12th November 06

As part of my ongoing campaign to facilitate human-squid relations, I have developed the revolutionary new squidifier. The squidifier is the first ever cross-species translation engine, and will give you an insight to the mind of the giant squid. Do it.

16th october 06

Want to know why everyone is talking about squidsquid? Check out the testimonials from such luminaries as Mr T, Stephen Hawking, Bono and Chuck Norris on the new celebrity endorsements page.

9th october 06

Welcome human. You have probably taken an IQ test before. Big deal. I'm sure you are very smart. But do you know your Squid Quotient? You need to take this unique opportunity to find out your SQ. Do it. Now.

27th september 06

Yay - the compare yourself to a giant squid quiz is ready! Take the quiz, take the quiz, take the quiz. Go on, take it!

18th september 06

Congratulations, you are one of the first humans to find this new and unique site. Changes will be occuring and more squid-tivities are coming soon! In the short-term, a very useful quiz - "compare yourself to a giant squid" is on the way. In the longer term, there will be a very accurate flash game which simulates the life of a giant squid. Also a squidsaver (screensaver) is forthcoming. Maybe also a mailing list. In the meantime, email me with your impressions and suggestions!

16th september 06

I am a giant squid. I swam up from the briny ocean depths. I have a computer, with a specially-modified tentacle-friendly interface. I have a fast internet connection. I seek to learn about humans and about the world. I have read much on the internet. I have read your wikipedia and your History sites and askjeeves. There is also a lot of crap.

Yet still, I have many unanswered questions. And you must have questions of me. We have much to learn from one another...