Color me Squidishy

Oh yeah, now this is the business; a freshly colored Color Me Squid from Squidishy Squish. I’m told that the desk is mahogany, only the finest woods for this cephalopod.

Color me Squidishy

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  1. moe says:

    Nobody colors pictures of chickens or ballerinas and sends them to maison du Moe. Nobody named squishy ballerina or most moely moe. sigh. I am trying to tell myself that it is only that squid stick together (and so they do, but if you put them BACK in the water and they get moist again then they detach and float apart again, right?) but there you have it, and you should feel quite smug about the beautiful art, Squiddy.

  2. SquidSquid says:

    I felt so bad for your plight Moe that I was compelled to make this Chicken for your viewing pleasure. Please note:

    *It took at least 5 (five) minutes

    *Although tempted, I did not resort to looking at pictures of chickens to figure out what they really look like. I felt like I wanted to put ears on this guy, but it didn’t seem correct – do chickens have ears?

    *No real chickens were hurt in the making of this visual representation of a chicken

  3. moe says:

    WOW. Chickens do have ears in fact they have mighty strange looking ones, which I am immediately planning to document for a future posting which will also feature this above painting. er…. may I use it? And, if not, “or else” WHAT? If not too painful a “or else”, I will take this as an implied “well ok if you feel you must.” But the ears are on the sides of their head, so your drawing/painting is not Erroneous (or however it is spelt). Thanks, Squiddy!!!

  4. SquidSquid says:

    Knock yourself out! There is certainly a dearth of chicken ear related blog posts around.

  5. Clickjack says:

    Post more messages! Cool weird website!

  6. Squidishy says:

    LOL. Came back for a visit. I’ve got nothing to say, though 🙁

    Forgive me if I’m wrong – but do my eyes deceive me, or are there shreds of sky in the grass?

  7. SquidSquid says:

    Its possible that the chicken is standing on some sort of levitating green material. Self-propelled spinach perhaps. Its also possible that it was a shoddy attempt at drawing grass with the spray can tool in Paint…

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