Inner Squid I recently received a lovely email with this fantastic artwork, which I believe represents the artist’s inner squid. Although other interpretations are surely possible for such a complex and inspiring work.

Thanks Gwyn.

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  1. moe says:

    uh-oh….what is it holding behind its back with the other arm and 2 tentacles ?!?!?!?

  2. SquidSquid says:

    It does have a rather sly look on its face… although I really should be less suspicious of my aquatic brethren. Its probably just a nice bunch of flowers.

  3. Gabriela says:

    Hi! I just ran upon your website and it really honestly and truly cracked me up. I tried reading it to my roommate but she was unfortunately, not amused. Anyway, I thought I’d share my own (anatomically incorrect) squid image.

    ps: again, i apologize for offending all squid enthusiasts more hardcore than i am, i thought about retouching it for a more accurate portrayal but couldn’t bear to mess with a nostalgic part of me.

  4. Gabriela says:


  5. SquidSquid says:

  6. SquidSquid says:

    Hey Gabriela, I’m glad you enjoy the site 🙂 I grabbed the url of your image and posted it above, looks totally sweet! Not everyone appreciates the beauty and importance of the mighty squid – I’m sure your roommate must have some other redeeming qualities 😉

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