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New game forthcoming and SWFObject

Saturday, April 28th, 2007

Work on a new squidsquid game is progressing nicely. The game will involve the speedy key-based control of 8 arms that are used to capture prey. Highscores will also be included, so start limbering your digits. Look out for it in the next week or two…

In technical news, I have decided to use SWFObject to embed the flash content on the site. This is an alternative to using the standard Adobe Object and Embed tags. It uses Javascript to embed the flash, and has a number of advantages. Those of you that use the somewhat questionable IE 7 will now be able to view/play the flash games etc without first having to “activate” them – a very annoying “feature” of IE 7. Even squid must keep abreast of the latest technologies don’t you know.

Yours Krillfully,